Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Prabal Gurung for Target Inspired Nails

I have been collecting nail polish like nobody's business!  Luckily that came in real handy for the Prabal Gurung for Target launch.  I just LOVE the prints from the collection.  I love them so much that I painted my nails as a homage to the floral crush print and the nolita print.  Check it out!

How many colors did I use?  If you guessed 12 then you're right!  I have a huge arsenal of Julep and Zoya polishes, so I picked from my collection.  These are the colors I used:  Julep colors are Eva, Leah, Claire, and Alicia, and Zoya colors are Jancyn, Raven, Purity, Carly, Tart, America, Mitzi, and Pippa.

To start, I painted my nails white. For the nolita print, I used a thin long brush and just layered on stripes until it looked 'right.' For the floral crush, I tried to incorporate the 'scaley' print part by using a paper towel. I brushed a bit of polish (green Julep Leah) on the paper towel then used that to lightly stamp my nails, and then I just used a regular short brush to pain the flowers. Finally I finished with my dotter to add some black outlines (green for the yellow 'flower'). I am no nail art expert, so if I can do this, so can you! I'm so proud of myself for finally using my MASH nail art brushes that I bought on a whim almost a year ago. I made a MASSIVE mess though, especially with the nolita print so please excuse the residue white polish, it'll come off after a hot shower.

Have you been inspired by the Prabal Gurung for Target collection?  Do share!


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