Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shoe Research: JS Dany is baaaaack!!!

Yours truly has jumped on the bandwagon of Jessica Simpson Dany bloggers.  Yes, I am a follower.  Shoes pretty.  Me weak.  Oh well, at least my feet are well dressed!  If you want to join me (you know you want to!), head on over to Endless and grab Dany for yourself.  If you buy her by 5/17, you can use code 'FRIENDS2' for 20% off orders of $100+.  Darn, Dany is $98 so you may have to snag another pair of shoes or some accessory to take advantage of the discount.  (I went for these funky sunglasses.)

Dany is available in the somewhat over-the-top creatively named colors, 'coffee summer haze,' 'oatmeal vintage floral,' 'brown leopard linen,' and 'brown petes shirt.'  (Who's Pete?)  If it were me, I would have gone with taupe, floral, leopard print, and stripe.  That's why I study science.  If $98 is too steep for your budget, check out the Dollhouse Curia platform sandal, same type of shoe-flavor for only $37.

Will you take a ride on the Dany bandwagon?


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