Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Real vs Steal: Miu Miu Mary Jane

The real deal:
Miu Miu mary jane, $550 at DSW

The steal:
Lori's Shoes Capsule Collection, Bamma mary jane,  $98.95 from Lori's shoes

When I heard that Lori's Shoes was coming out with their own mini collection, I was very excited to see what kinds of styles they would come up with.  If you've ever been to Lori's Shoes in Chicago (or greater Chicago), you know what I mean when I say they carry some highly covetable high heels and boots.  Though the Bamma is all man-made, I think I may prefer it over the real Miu Mius.  What do you think?  Real or steal?

Check out the rest of the Capsule Collection here.

♥ C.

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