Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dressember Days 22-24


Day 22
I rediscovered my very first Steve Madden shoes. (I actually only have 3 SM shoes, all of which were from my early shoe-obsessed days.  I have not bought any SM shoes since.)  I remember when I first got these, my reaction was "These are like stripper shoes!"  They look so tame now.  My, how I have grown!  I scored these shoes for a great price from, back when they were still in business and actually carried some high-quality products.  Ohhhh, ahhh!  I've forgotten how comfortable these shoes were.

| sweather, Mossimo for Target | dress, Decode 1.8 via Hautelook | sandals, Steve Madden |

Day 23
This is what I wore on the plane to go home for the holidays.  There's nothing more comfy than a pair of denim-look leggings, wedge booties, and a warm and cozy sweater dress.  On second thought, maybe this outfit wasn't the best for going through airport security.  For the first time, I was asked to go through the full body scanner.  I opt out because even a small dose of radiation is still a dose of radiation.  Yes, I got the full-body pat down instead.  It was awkward, but I rather not be exposed to more radiation than I need to be exposed to.

| sweater dress, Style & Co., Macy's | leggings, Forever21 | Heather suede booties, Marco Santi, Sole Society |

Day 24: Festive Saturday
I did last minute Christmas shopping with my 11-year-old brother.  I think that's pretty festive!  He took these photos.  He's a bit hyperactive hence the blurriness, LOL.

| sweater, Target | dress by Sine via Ideeli | necklace, Forever21 | leather wrap bracelet, BaubleBar | purse, Urban Outfitters | Heather suede booties, Marco Santi, Sole Society |

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♥ C.

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