Monday, November 21, 2011

Yellow makes Monday brighter

Today I'm kind of dressed like I'm an old(er) person.  Tweed jacket, sensible black pumps...Am I becoming boring???  Not that old(er) people are boring, they just tend to dress more boring-ly.  That is just my opinion.  As I grow older, I want to keep being stylish, that is, keep maintaining my style.  One of my favorite TV shows, Ugly Betty, says that fashion is good for the soul.  When I take the time to dress up, I do feel good.  I feel like my day is off to a great start.  I feel more put together and organized.  Anyone else feel this way?

The tweed jacket I'm wearing actually has gold thread woven into the fabric, and the black pump, though very sensible and comfortable actually has some corset detailing on the side.  Perhaps I'm not so boring after all!

Believe or not, these pumps were my very first pair of black high heels.  They are by Cynthia Vincent and have a MSRP of $295 but I got them for ~$80 (Endless's 100% price match guarantee is heaven sent!).  They are of super high quality and have arch support that don't exist in any of my other shoes.  I can wear these for days on end without any problems.  Of my 80 or so shoes (this is an estimate.  I honestly do not know how many pairs of shoes I own.  I'm afraid to count them.), I only have 4 pairs of black ones and these are by far my favorite.

|  tank from NY and Company  |  jacket from Forever 21  |  
|  pumps, Nia by Cynthia Vincent  |  Marlene Tux pants by Decades Denim from JustFab  |

♥ C.

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