Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Remember remember, the month of Dressember

This December I will be participating in Dressember, along with my fellow bloggers overseas (waves at the UK) and others around the world.  

What is Dressember?  From the Dressember Facebook page:

Dressember 2010 saw ladies and adventurous gentlemen across the globe pledging to wear a dress every day of December. Photos were shared here, and are still here for you to see.

Here we are, rapidly careering towards Dressember 2011, and it's time to don the frocks once more. Some of you will return, others will be Dressember newbies, but either way you'll find Dressember changes the way you dress all year round.

What you can do.

Ditch the jeans and sweatshirts. Get your dresses out, it isn't too late, lots of us are doing it and the more the merrier. You can rewear dresses throughout the month and rework them with accessories. It is also a great excuse to raid the wardrobes of your sisters, friends, mum, gran and neighbours.

As you disappear off with your mother's vintage dress you have had your eye on for some time, just call out: "Its for charity Mum" and jobs a goodun.

Some of us have been wearing jeans or trousers while generally clattering around running a household, organising the ever growing complicated arrangement that is being a mother, or working out there... in the workplace where buisness and boiler suits are our daily wear. (Some of us even work from home and haven't dressed like Joan Collins to go downstairs and fire up the workstation.)

Others of us are veritable fashionistas, dressing up everyday whether people like it or not.

Usually around this time, I default to sweats and the 2-3 pairs of jeans I cycle through weekly (I'm actually wearing sweats right now...).  Well, I'm going to break that habit with Dressember!  I don't have as many dresses as I have shoes but I'm pretty sure I can come up with 31 outfits.  However, I may not be able to post (or participate) everyday, especially during finals week, so I'll just do a combined post when my academic life catches up to me.  I'm also going to throw in another stipulation for me: I pledge NOT to buy any new dresses this December, instead I will shop my closet.  It'll be a great way to rediscover my clothes and try to winterize my summer and spring dresses.

Will you participate?  You don't need a blog to do so, you can upload directly to the FB page (it can just be a pic of your laid-out clothes if you're self conscious).  Or simply participate by checking out all the wonderful dress ensembles.  Skirts also count!  It's like a 2-piece dress.

Join me this Dressember!

♥ C.

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