Friday, November 18, 2011

Holiday Dressing

If you're like me, you use the holidays as an excuse to prance around in fancy dresses and extra fancy shoes. Here are some ideas for your holiday dressing and shopping. All of the dresses featured here are under $100 and are specially picked by me! The Shoe Doctor is also your personal shopper and stylist (at least for the holidays). Just click on the images to see my Polyvore sets.

Holiday Dressing: Metallics

Holiday Dressing: Blues, greens, and purples

Holiday Dressing: Reds, pinks, and oranges

Holiday Dressing: Blacks

Holiday Dressing: Pales

Flash sale sites are also a great way to find designer dresses (as well as other things) at affordable prices.  Here are some flash sale sites I am a member of:

This sites tend to ship a little slow than normal so just make sure you take note of the expected ship date.  Occassionally, they'll have 'fire sales,' which are sales that last < 1 day.  In that case, things shipped faster because instead of waiting for merchandise from the manufacturers, they are just trying get rid of items they already have.

What are your fashion plans for the holidays?  Or plans in general?

♥ C.

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