Thursday, November 17, 2011

Famous Hamburger date night

I finally got the Vince Camuto Trinity shoes!  I love it when I can check off a shoe on my wishlist.  Trinity is a Prada knockoff, a really good one too!  (check out my real vs steal post here)  The teal/blue color is so vibrant and lively, and the suede upper is velvety soft to the touch.  Also, super comfortable and TTS!  What more can you ask from a shoe?

The bf and I had started a daily work out routine, so we decided to sneak in a little can-cause-you-to-have-a-heart-attack food.  Also, I wanted to wear my pretty shoesies before the snow fairies came.  We went to Famous Hamburger, a place where you can get halal hamburgers and Mediterranean food!  We had hummus with pita bread and the famous hamburgers - 2 one-third pound patties, a slice of cheese, an egg and thousand island dressing on a buttery toasted bun.  Hey, we burned enough calories during the week to make up for eating these burgers cancel out the excercising?  So it's like we never excercised...

Did I mentioned I had chili cheese fries too?  Oops...  It was a lot of food, we had plenty of leftovers that night.

I have been on an orange binge, so of course I wore an orange dress (more like rust orange though), and topped off the outfit with my fake Birkin bag.  The jacket is not part of my ensemble, it was just chilly out.

|  the lulu dress from Plum for Polly  |  Vince Camuto Trinity sandals from Lord & Taylor  |
|  handbag by Nvie Designs  |  silver leaf necklace from Forever 21 (similar)  |

Good food, good clothes, good shoes, good date :-D

♥ C.

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