Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sole Sisters in New York

On my way back to Ann Arbor, I made a 1.5 day stop in NYC to finally meet my good friend, Julie of Shoes and Jules.  We are truly sole sisters, not only because we both love Sole Society, but also because we wear the same size shoes!

Julie wore Dash and I wore Jill.  I just love my Jill pumps, the half bow reminds me of the bow on the Christian Louboutin Very Noeud slingbacks:

Hmmmm, the more I look at the two side by side, the more I think that Marco Santi actually did the half bow better than Louboutin!  If you are looking to buy Jill, know that she runs 1/2 size large (at least for me).  The satin upper is very nice though!  It's thick and strong.  I can tell that it won't easily snag.  Also, don't be scared that the platform is only 0.5" but the heel is 5", the conical shape of the heel provides lots more support than a stiletto.

I wore my Jills with my fabulous orange Decode 1.8 dress I got from HauteLook (the sister company of Sole Society) and a tweed jacket from Forever 21 (from years ago).  The major trend this fall is mixing the usual fall items (for example, tweed jacket) with bright colors (orange and teal!).  I love this trend because it means I can wear all my spring and summer clothes!  I often describe my style as 'Gossip Girl.'  I like blouses, blazers, mod jackets, lacey clothes, midi length dresses, poufy vintage-y skirts, and classy pumps.  Ok, more specifically, I channel Blair Waldorf.  I swear I was like this before GG aired!

Saturday evening, Julie and I walked around NYC taking pictures of ourselves.  Unlike in small town Ann Arbor, in NYC, no one cares that you are snapping dozens of photos of yourself in public.

After practicing our modelling skills, Julie and I went to one of her favorite restaurants, Da Andrea.  We had cappaccio (my first time having it) for our appetizer:

Julie had some kind of wide pasta with sweet and spicy sausage: 

And I had the scallops special:

Everything was delicious!  We followed the meal with some espresso, during which one of the male waiters came over and hit on Julie.  Next thing I knew, he whispered something in her ear and then pulled out a Da Andrea business card with his digits scrawled on it.  Yes, that's right, he wrote his number on the card prior to coming over to our table.  He then offered to drop me off at the airport the next day.  He made it very clear that he would be off at work at 3pm on Sunday and will be totally available to take Julie and I to the airport.   This guy had a heavy Italian (?) accent and was in his late 40's.  I told Julie that either (1) we call him tomorrow and she will still be able to come back to Da Andrea BUT then she'll have to go home with him after I leave, or (2) we don't call him and she probably won't be able to come back to Da Andrea for a long time, BUT then the guy has no chance of getting her pants.  Needless to say, we didn't call him.  He was a very nice guy, just a tad sketchy and very forthcoming.

After the excitement of the restaurant, we walked around the city and somehow made it to a DSW that Julie never knew existed.  Personally, I think we are the equivalent of drug-detecting dogs but with shoes.   I have proof!  The same thing happened to me in Montreal (a blog post for the near future!).

Overall, I had a wonderful time in NYC and will definitely be going back sometime soon.  Make sure you head on over to Shoes and Jules to check out Julie's outfit!

- C.

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