Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Figures: Montreal

I was at the ICHG conference last week in Montreal.  Most of these conferences are structured so that there isn't much time to do anything else besides go to talks, look at posters, and get bombarded by companies who want you to use their products.  To experience more of Montreal, I played hooky one morning and wandered around town.

The conference was held at le Palais de Congrés de Montréal.

Here is le Palais again, one side of it was made entirely of tinted glass:

The conference center was near Chinatown:

The Holiday Inn in Montreal is completely feng shui-ed.  When they first decided to do this, they had to pay $$$ to move the door because the original door was facing the door of a church.  The belief is that as people walked into the church, their bad spirits went into the hotel, which isn't good. 



Terroir means soil, not terror.  LOL, imagine if it was a restaurant of terror!

I somehow found a boot store!

So so many lovely boots!!!

Quebec is famous for it's maple syrup (is all of Canada famous for maple syrup?  The maple leaf is on their flag.  I know so little!).

Mmmmmm, look at all the ice cream, every one of them is made with maple syrup instead of sugar.

I had the blueberry.  It was delicious!

This looks like a very important building...but it turned out to be a tourist trap.  It was mostly mall, and a little part art gallery.

I love everything these mannequins are wearing!

Reminds me of the cartoon Gargoyles.

One of my travel mates said Old Montreal reminds him of Paris.

Normally at these types of conferences, you can get free lunch if you sniff out where the companies have their lunch presentations.  I did that for 2 of the 3 days.  On the 3rd day, when I played hooky, I decided to eat something other than sandwiches and pasta salad.

Avocado crepe!  Delicious!  I am going to have to try to make this myself.  There was avocados, tomatoes and pesto inside.

I saved most of my appetite for this crepe, which was stuffed with bananas and covered in Belgium chocolate!  It came with a side of ice cream and chantilly cream (whip cream).  OMG, it was heaven!

For dinner that night, I crashed another department's dinner.  I had snails for my appetizer.  It was delicious.  Only 3 of us were brave enough to get it.

For the main course, I had lamb.  My shadow crept into this photo.  I blame the waiters who wouldn't stop refilling my wine glass.

Dessert was amazing!!!  More chocolate, more ice cream.  Calories don't count when you're on vacation, right???  After we finished eating it, every one of us wanted to shamelessly lick our plates.

That concludes my adventures in Montreal.  Have you ever been there?

- C.

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