Monday, October 24, 2011

Figures: Butterflies and yellow tights

Several weeks ago, I went on a winning streak.  One of the things I won was this beautiful butterfly printed cape by Kissin Cussin from Wrinkle In Time Vintage, courtesy of A Little Left of Center.  I love all the colors on this cape!

I paired it with a solid navy dress, solid mustard colored tights and my purple Chinese Laundry Whsitle pumps.

Contrary to stereotypical belief, my legs are not actually yellow, hehe.  It's the tights!  I got them from Target for only $5!  Good thing too because the moment I put them on, I snagged them.  There were so many colors available I may have to go back and stock up.

PG photography
cape - kissin cussin - a little left of center
dress - old!  I forget where I got it from...
tights - target (only $5!!!)

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