Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Discussion: Caroline vs Estrella

Normally I don't review shoes that I don't keep on the blog, I would just post a pic on Facebook with a quick blurb about why I didn't keep them but the Caroline from Sole Society requires something more than just a blurb.

Many of you have noticed that Caroline is very similar to the BCBGirls Estrella shoe.  I happen to have the Estrellas so here is my unbias comparison of the two:

There are differences in the toe box and the size of the straps (see below).  Caroline is faux leather and Estrella is genuine leather.  The faux leather on Caroline actually feels real to me, just a little bit stiffer than Estrella's leather upper but that is expected with faux leather.

Caroline has a 5.25" heel with a 1.25" platform.  Estrella has a 5" heel with a 1.25" platform.  The incline on Caroline is on the severe side.  Despite having a thick platform, making the overall heel height just 4", Caroline still feels like a 5" heel to me because of the incline.  Estrella on the other hand feels like a 3.75" heel.

Both Caroline and Estrella fit true to size.  Estrella is definitely more comfortable.  I will be returning Caroline because she feels too tall and is difficult to walk in.  The quality of Caroline is superb though, so if you can handle the heel height, definitely try the shoe out for yourself.  Everybody's feet are different, and Caroline is just not for me.  In terms of price, Estrella retails for $120 (you can find her in select sizes and colors for ~$70) but Caroline is only $49.95.  It's great that Sole Society offers similar designer styles for a lot less!

Do you have Caroline or Estrella?  What do you think of them?

- C.

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