Friday, September 30, 2011

Vince Camuto Trinity vs Prada teal sandals

I have been searching for this unicorn for a long, long time!  

I kept seeing these Prada sandals on Gilt:
photo from

Aren't they gorgeous???  They are currently on 'sale' at Bluefly for $636!!!
photo from Blue Fly

Darn Gilt for using such high-street shoes on their models!

There is a knock off available at Baker's Shoes for $69.99, but not in teal.  And I love teal shoes.  Love love love!  (Not as much as red shoes, but still lots of love!)  Here's the purple version at Baker's: 
photo from Baker's Shoes

There are some subtle differences between the two but not enough to say that the Baker's shoe is an original.  (I think Blue Fly tends to distort their photos width-wise because every other photo I've seen of this shoe has a taller platform.)

I searched high and low for a knock off of the teal version with no success until I found these:

photo from Piperlime

These are Vince Camuto's Trinity sandal, which bears a striking resemblance to the Pradas.  They are $129 $89.99 at Lord & Taylor. They are soooo going on my wish list.  Once the price drops, they will be mine!  (I never pay full price for shoes.  Why should I?)

Now, if only I can find a knock off of this Fendi shoe in the blue/brown combo...darn you Gilt for teasing me with these expensive shoes!
photo from

What do you think of the Prada shoe?  Would you buy the knock offs?


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