Saturday, September 24, 2011

My biggest shoe deal & My Ideeli shopping tips

The biggest shoe deal I have ever scored are these lovely babies:

These are the Report Signature Kay pumps, which have a retail price of $250!!!

Guess how much I paid for them? 

 $100?  Nope.  Go lower.

$50?  Nope.  Go even lower!

$250 $20!!!

I got these a couple of months ago during a massive Ideeli red sale.  I have admired these shoes since they appeared on my radar over a year ago.  I did quite a giddy jig when I scored these babies.  (I imagined my neighbors sticking their heads out their door with darty eyes trying to spot the loud crazy lady.)  My discovery of flash sales sites (like Ideeli, Hautelook, Rue La La, Gilt, Prive, MyHabit, Swirl, and Beyond the Rack) have certainly been a major contributing factor to the improved quality of my shoe closet.  Flash sale sites often feature a handful of designers, with a turnover every few days.  The sales only last a few days, sometimes only a few hours.  The one dangerous thing about shopping flash sales is that it is all impulsive shopping.  Impulsive shopping = regrets, or at least higher chances of regretting what you bought in the spur of the moment.  Over the years, I have learned how to increase my chances of scoring good deals on stuff I actually want and like, rather than stuff I only find appealing because of deep discounts.  Here I'll divulge some of my tips for scoring great deals on Ideeli.  Each flash sales site is slightly different, so not all of these tips apply to them all.  Ideeli, in my opinion, is the best of all the flash sales sites I have tried.  They have great stuff and the way the 'system' is design actually helps me make less impulsive purchases.

My Ideeli shopping tips:
(1) See, like, add to cart.  
- If you see something you may like, add it to your cart immediately!  Don't think, just add!  Of course, once you add something to your cart, you have a limited amount of time before the items in your cart are no longer reserved for you.
(2)  If the time on your cart is in the last few seconds of reservation, check out!  
- Ideeli doesn't charge you until the item ships (they just do a quick check to make sure the card is valid, so you may sometimes see $1 pending charges on your card but the charge never goes through until the item ships).  
(3)  Be impulsive!  
- I know, earlier I told you to not be impulsive, but with Ideeli's shopping system, you can be impulsive without suffering from major consequences!  Once you finish checking out, you will have 2 hours to cancel a part of, or your entire, order.  Also, I have discovered that with the recent all-day shipping policy, items you buy thereafter, before midnight, will be added to the same order (if shipped to the same place), thus triggering the 2hours window for cancellation.  Do you see the loophole?  This enables you to cancel items (or your entire order) you bought earlier in the day even though you placed parts of the order more than 2 hours ago!
(4) Take your time!
- When you click on the 'check out' button, you're timer is reset to 10 minutes.  Do you see the next loophole?  I have noticed many times on Ideeli that some items are put 'on hold' forever even though, technically, you have 15 minutes to check out once the first item is added to your cart.  So either a) other Ideeli members are grabbing the item withing nanoseconds of it leaving another member's cart OR b) the same member is clicking on 'check out' to continually extend the timer to 10 minutes.
(5) The best sales are usually on Saturdays.  
- The coveted Ideeli red sales (where things are often discounted as much as 90%!) are usually on the weekends.  I find the best ones (i.e. largest selection) are typically on Saturdays.  So save all your impulsive buying for Saturdays.  During the week, don't buy anything unless you know you really really want it.  Also, red sale items usually only take 1 week to ship, rather than 2-3 weeks, which is the norm for the single-designer flash sales.
(6) Become a 1st row member when the season is right!
- Ideeli has two types of memberships, 2nd row - which is free, and 1st row - which costs $7-$8 a month depending on how long you want to upgrade your membership.  First row members get access to sales 1 hour earlier than other members.  The time when it is worth it to shell out some extra moolah for upgraded access is toward the end of the season, which is usually when the red sales start.  Black Friday is a great reason to upgrade your membership.
(7) Do shop by size!  
- Filtering a sale by your size will help you shop faster and gives you more luck to score the items you love.  One of the things I like about Ideeli is that you get to peruse the sales 2 hours before sales are opened to 2nd row members.  During my craziest Ideeli shopping experiences, I often have multiple tabs open in wait for when the clock strikes noon.

Overall, it pays to know how the sample sale site works!  This makes your shopping experience more fruitful, more satisfying, and, hopefully, filled with less regrets!

What is the biggest shoe deal you've ever scored?  Or shopping deal?
Where did you score it?

Please join Ideeli using my invite link here.

I hope you enjoyed my new shoes and my Ideeli shopping tips!


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