Saturday, September 3, 2011

Figures: A day full of errands + Favorite shoes #24

I'm in Chicago for Labor Day weekend visiting my two favorite doggies:


and Margot

Then there was was not a very healthy lunch.

I went to the Lamborghini dealership (why?  *wink* I'll let you guess ;-)
This car costs $408,000.  For that price, you can buy a house and 3-4 Honda Civics.

If you don't have $408,000, you can get this beautiful Lamborghini for...$35 ;-)

And I went a puppy store:

Poor puppies!  They just want to play and instead they're caged up :-(  Aren't they cute???  I think I prefer Margot and Roxy though.  For one, they are already potty trained.

It was a hot and muggy day, perfect for wearing casual sandals.  I wore my Teva Ola sandals, which I live in when I'm not wearing the pretty pretty heels.

You can tell I wear them often because I have been sporting the signature Teva strap tan in my recents shoe photos.  They have a little wedge, which is perfect for girls like me who find flats and flip flops to be uncomfortable.  They do run large, so if you are in between sizes, size down.  They are soooooo comfy, however they do have a long breaking in period so if you get them, don't give up on them for at least 1 week.  The Ola comes in lots of patterns.  I also have them in brown with shimmering orange and white straps.  Many of my days begin with putting on my Tevas to make the 20 minute trek to campus and then swapping them for heels once I get to my lab.  I highly recommend the Teva Ola!  Once you wear them, you'll never go back to the same old boring flip flops.  They are also more ergonomically correct for your feet than flip flops.  Certain styles are currently on sale at Amazon here.  They're normally ~$28 and rarely ever go on sale for more than 15% off, so this is the perfect time to stock up on really high-quality sandals/flip flops for next spring/summer!

That concludes my 24 favorite/birthday shoes!  I hope you enjoyed taking this sneak peek into my shoe closet ;-)

Have a wonderful labor-less weekend!

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