Saturday, September 17, 2011

Figures: Back to school

I'm officially in school mode now.  I'm in my 2nd year of grad school, which means I have a full load of classes + research = not a lot of time for fun stuff!  It's also getting cold here in Michigan.  Cold weather and fashion are negatively correlated with me: the colder it gets, the less fashionable I become.  Soon I will be in road salt encrusted boots, tshirts I scored for free that are largely oversized, parkas and ski jackets, and  sweatpants.  You will start to question my fashion sense.  You will.  Also, if I dress up too much for school, I get a lot of stares from the pajama-wearing undergrads.  They're just envious of my highly enviable shoe collection!

Anyway, I haven't done an outfit post in a while, so here's some pics of what I wore on Thursday:

Yes, I did.  I paired a wool jacket with some sandals.

flared ruffle front wool coat from FredFlare (2 seasons ago): 

Betsey Johnson Mary-Lynn pop art laptop bag (sold out):

If you're wondering, Betsey Johnson sustains me!  Love her stuff!  I just wait for a sale and then I pounce, otherwise its all too expensive for me.

And, of course, Sole Society shoes, Dally in wheat:

That's all the fashion I can muster for now.


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