Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Styling my sister for 365 Hangers' Style A Shape Contest

I don't think I'll ever make it to the big leagues of superhero stylists, but I like to think I have some skills.  So when I heard about the 365 Hangers' Style A Shape Contest, I decided to put my maybe-existing-styling skills to the test!  The contest ends August 5th and two winners will be chosen, the person who gets the popular vote and the person who is selected by the 365 Hangers panel of judges (so it is possible to win both categories).  Each winner gets $500 in prizes, including a $75 gift certificate to Pree Brulée, my new favorite online jewelry retailer (I've got some amazing pieces that I will show you all soon!).

*image from 365 Hangers

I styled my little sister, and it was great fun!  She's stick skinny (*sigh* I remember when I use to be like that), so the 365 Hangers shape I styled was 'straight.'  My greatest challenge was utilizing what I had in my little carry-on suitcase (I'm on 'vacation' at the moment).  Also, my sister is not (at all!) as shoe-obsessed as me.  In fact, most of the shoes she owns are from me!  Big surprise, right?

I did her hair and makeup, but forced her to put mascara on herself because she was waaaay too giggly during the other makeup applications.

Here's outfit #1:

I like to think of this outfit as innocent pin-up girl with a color-blocking twist.  An A-line dress is awesome for creating the hourglass illusion on the straight shape.  Of course, also add an over-the-top headband to get the Blair Waldorf seal of approval.  I added blue suede kitten heels to really make the colors POP!

Here's outfit #2:

For this outfit, I wanted to mix lots of different material types and textures.  The green dress is satin, the belt is faux leather with studs, the jacket is tailored, twill cotton, and has a mandarin color.  Of course, I can't forget the shoes!  Teehee, do you notice that she's wearing my Marco Santi Beverly heels from Sole Society?  One of my life goals to to make her a Sole Society girl...we'll see ;-)  Gold shoes are a great neutral color shoe that is able to command attention.  Above all, I like this outfit for this reason: everything she's wearing is affordable, but when put together, it all looks very sassy and expensive.  The jacket is from Target, the dress is from Forever 21, the belt is from Wetseal, and the necklace is from JewelMint.  Outfit #2 was our pick to enter into the contest.

My sister and I are going to dream big and try to win the popular vote!  So, if you have 10 seconds to spare, please visit our official entry page here and like us to vote for us.  If you decide to enter the contest too, please let me know and I'll head over to like you right back!

- C.

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