Monday, August 8, 2011

Sole Society Shoe Giveaway #2: A Scavenger Hunt... - CLOSED!

UPDATED!  Scroll down...

It's my birthday this month, and I'm giving away Sole Society shoes!  The second giveaway comes to you in the form of a scavenger hunt!  

Somewhere on this blog, I have hidden a link that will lead you to a pair of FREE Sole Society shoes.  The first person to find it + answer the following questions wins!  The link will lead you to instructions about how to claim your prize!  If no one finds it by 11:59pm on August 31st, I will do a random drawing for it.  If you can't find the link, don't worry!  Leave a comment answering the following questions correctly and you will be entered into the random drawing that will occur if no one finds the link.

Here are the questions:
(1)  What is the name of my favorite shoe club?
(2)  What are the names of 3 of the Sole Society shoes that I own?
(3)  What do I love to do when I am breaking in my new shoes?
(4)  What's the name of my favorite dog?  Hint:  She's white and fluffy ;-)
(5)  What do I do for a living? (can be very general or specific)

You can find the answers to all of these questions on this blog.

Finding the hidden link is not enough to score you free shoes though, you must also leave a comment answering the questions above correctly.

I'll give you 3 clues over the remainder of this month to help you find this elusive link.  The clues will get more specific as we near the last day of August.

Clue #1:  The hidden link is located in a blog post about or featuring Sole Society.
Clue #2:  It figures that I may lead you there...
Clue #3:  The link hides behind tassles and zippers.

To be eligible to win, you must :
(1) Be a member of Sole Society (sign up here)
(2) Be a fan of the Shoe Doctor, PhD Facebook fan page (here)
(3) Leave your name in your comment
(4) Leave your email (or email me at cheelee[at] your email address)
(5) Answer all of the scavenger questions correctly!

I will not be giving feedback on to the comments on this post, i.e. I will not be telling you if you answered the above questions correctly.  So beware if you just copy & paste some else's answers, they may not be correct ;-)  Please try to only leave 1 comment per person.  If you made a mistake in your comment, click on 'edit' to change it.  If you cannot edit it for some reason, just reply to your comment rather than leave a comment 'far' away from your original one.  Be sure to check out giveaway #1 as well to increase your chances of winning free shoes from Sole Society!

Good luck!!!

UPDATE, 8/8:  Someone has found the hidden link already!  Darn, I thought I was so clever!  

I will announce her as the winner next week.  In the meantime, I am waiting for at least 20 people to enter this scavenger hunt for a surprise Sole Society shoe giveaway, which will happen if I hit that number by Aug 31st!  Keep looking for the hidden link though!  The first 5 people to find it next get additional chances to win the surprise giveaway!

p.s. I will now be monitoring comments so that copying & pasting comments does not occur.  This means that your comment will only appear temporarily below.  If you are wondering if I got your entry, email me and I'll confirm it for you.

Again, GOOD LUCK!!!

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