Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sole Society Giveaway #3 - CLOSED!

I'm celebrating my birthday this month with Sole Society giveaways!

First, congratulations to Sarah Schmidt, the winner of my SS giveaway #1, and Erin Albrecht, the first person to complete my scavenger hunt - SS giveaway #2!  (By the way, it's not too late to do the scavenger hunt!  Check it out here.)

Sole Society giveaway #3 is a Twitter fest!  Don't worry!  You can still enter if you do not have a Twitter account.

How to enter:
(1)  Like Sole Society and Shoe Doctor, PhD on Facebook if you haven't already.

(2)  Leave a comment telling me one of the things you love most about Sole Society.  Also include your Twitter name if you plan on participating in the Twitter part.  If you do not plan on tweeting, leave an email address (or email your address to cheelee[at] with subject, 'Sole Society Giveaway #3). [1 entry]  

One of the things I love most about Sole Society is that their Facebook board members are so nice, attentive, and helpful.  I don't think they get enough praise for their hard work!

Want extra entries?
Follow me, @ShoeDoctorPhD, and Sole Society, @solesociety, on Twitter and/or on Facebook!

(3) Tweet some love to Sole Society, include the hash tag '#ShoeDocGiveaway' and tag both of us in your tweet.  [1 entry]  You can tweet whatever you want, but here's a template if you are at a lost for words:
"I love @SoleSociety!  I hope I win a free pair of Sole Society shoes from @ShoeDoctorPhD!  #ShoeDocGiveaway"

(4)  Tweet a shout-out to all the wonderful Sole Society FB board monitors by name (and tag both of us in your tweet).  This is tricky because you have to know their names!  (Just visit the facebook page to get to know them!)  Here's a template you can use:
"I want to give a shout-out to [insert name] from @solesociety!  Thanks for your hard work!  (#ShoeDocGiveaway via @ShoeDoctorPhD)"  [1 entry per tweet/board monitor name]

Only tweets with the #ShoeDocGiveaway hash tag will be counted.

UPDATED 8/24: Here are more chances to win:
(5)  Post a shout-out to all the wonderful Sole Society FB board monitors by name on Facebook (either my fanpage or theirs, and tag both of us in your post - otherwise it doesn't count!).  They have been working really hard lately, and I'm sure they could use some love!  Here's a template you can use:
"Thank you [insert name] for all your hard work!  The @Shoe Doctor, PhD and I are huge fans of @Sole Society and we appreciate everything you do for us!" [1 entry per post/board monitor name]

You will have until 11:59pm EST on August 30, 2011 to enter!
Then I will randomly draw a winner.

Good luck!!!

*Must be a US resident and have a Sole Society account to win (join Sole Society here).*


  1. I am a fan of SS and your FB page. One of the things I love most about SS is that they are always on target with current trends and my own style. I live in a small town in GA and let's just say the local stores just don't cut it. I do 90% of my shopping online so the free shipping is great...ok, so that was more than one thing!


  2. I love how Sole Society provides customer service via FB! I also love their beautifully made shoes! @CaRealtorMommy @CaHauteMommy I follow you and SS on Twitter & FB xo


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