Monday, August 15, 2011

New Shoes: Karmen from Sole Society! (Favorite Shoe #16)

Just a quick post to show you all my new shoes from Sole Society!

This is Karmen!  I got her in both red and leopard (I'm going to exchange the leopard pair because the left heel was crooked).  Initially, I convinced myself to only buy her in leopard.  Those of you who check in my blog often know that I love red shoes.  I just couldn't resist.  Plus, leopard Karmen needed a companion for the long trip from LA to Ann Arbor...

I first tried Karmen in my normal size but the length was too long, the straps were too loose, and there was more than enough wiggle room in the toebox (she felt too wide).  I couldn't keep them on while walking, so I went down a half size and the fit is perfect for me!  I know someone who went with her normal size and they fit just fine.  I tend to have issues with keeping slingbacks on, so if this sounds like you, I recommend going down a 1/2 size.

I chose Karmen because I have no shoes in this style.  I'm trying to keep myself from buying shoes just because they are on sale or seem irresistible at the time.  One of the psychological effects of shoe clubs is that you may be convince to buy certain shoes that you would never even consider if you saw them in stores because the selection is so small, so each shoe looks more attractive.  One of the reasons why I love Sole Society is that the shoes they offer are actually ones I would buy if I saw them in person.  They are well made, classy but chic, and they don't look like I raided a Bratz doll's shoe closet.  I want my collection to be unique and full of shoes that I actually love.  I already know that I love Karmen!  My initial impression is that she is very comfortable (all of my Sole Society shoes are!).  There's ample padding in the forefoot and the shape of the platform (much like the Kaylas) help distribute your weight so that you're not on your tip toes.

Also, for you ladies who are vegan shoe lovers, or ladies who like shoes made with genuine leather, Karmen actually has a leather outsole even though it's listed as faux and man-made materials on the product page.  In my experience, shoes with leather outsoles tend to be very durable, just not animal friendly.

If you are interested in Karmen or any other Sole Society shoes, be sure to get the Sole Society 50% off deal at Groupon and/or Plum District!

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