Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday's 5 under $50

Every Friday, I will post 5 amazing shoes I love that are priced $50 or less.

I've suggested these guidelines for myself:
(1) The shoe must be available in at least 5 sizes.
(2) The $50 price tag can be after applicable current sales and discounts.
(3) No shoe club or sample sale site shoes allowed.
(4) The shoes cannot all be from the same store.

If there are anymore "rules" you would like me to follow, feel free to leave a comment!

(1) Bismuth by Seychelles, $46.18 from Akira.
(Use code 'LOVESHOPAKIRA' for 10% off your order.)
Image 1

(2)  Gaze by Qupid, $10 at Akira.  (Use code 'LOVESHOPAKIRA' for 10% off your order.)

(3) DV by Dolce Vita Maree leather flats (pics are linked, just click'em), $39 from Shoe Thief (email me for an invitation to join!  Shoe Thief is not a membership shoe club, but I do get a $10 credit for every invitee who buys!  Apparently there is no referral link - gotta send an email - you can join without an invite, but help a shoe lover out? :-)

(4)   Too Capture booties by Two Lips, $49.95 from DSW (I must get them in red!!!)

(5)  The Jaylo oxford pump from Mixx No. 6, $44.95 from DSW

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