Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Figures: Dressing up for the Glee 3D Movie + Favorite Shoes #17

I am a Gleek.  I drop everything during the TV season to watch Glee, or I schedule time to catch up on Hulu no matter how busy I am.  I have been following along with the Glee Project show, rooting for my favorites and crossing my fingers that my non-favorites get voted off soon.  I am a Gleek!  So of course I went to see the Glee 3D Concert Movie!  My little sister was visiting me in Ann Arbor.  It's also her birthday this month, so it was the perfect excuse!

I'm also featuring 24 of my favorite shoes from my collection this month because it's my birthday next Monday (I'm turning 24).  I take every opportunity I can to wear my shoes, otherwise what's the point of having them???

These are called Jewel by Sam Edelman.  I got them around Christmastime.  They are absolutely gorgeous and I love them!  I love the little bow and the leather on this shoe is soooo buttery soft.  They aren't one of the most comfortable shoes I own but also not the most uncomfortable.  I can wear them for a couple of hours before I need to sit, which makes them perfect movie-going shoes!

jacket, Dots
necklace, Forever 21
dress by Sine, Ideeli
photography by MSL

Did you know that if you go see the Glee 3D Concert Movie, you get a free hat or bag?!  We both opted for the hat:


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