Wednesday, August 10, 2011

EBEW Pattern Mixing with Snake Skin Kayla

My coral Kaylas from Sole Society are one of my all time favorite shoes.

I finally could not resist anymore, last month after the Daniela fail, I decided to make snake skin Kayla my July Sole Society purchase.  My Kaylas are also deemed my favorite/birthday shoes #5 & #6.

This month's Everybody Everywear challenge is pattern mixing, thus I took this opportunity to wear my snake skin Kayla pumps!  I have been breaking her in while cooking (something yummy, post to come!), so it just seemed to be the perfect time to take her out into the world.  I mixed plaid, zebra-ish stripes and snake print.  A really easy way to mix patterns is to mix items that are of different colors, all of which match each other.  The patterns don't look so odd together if the background colors are all different.  

blouse by She Said, JCPenney
skirt, The Gap
Kayla pumps by Marco Santi, Sole Society

Oh, I must also say that I'm pretty proud of my hair here.  I was trying to imitate a hair curling technique I've never seen before (youtube video here).


Pattern Mixing | Everybody, Everywear

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