Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Results: Makeeda from JustFab

Remember when I blogged about the Sheena slingback pumps by Privilege?  I had convinced myself that I wanted to buy them, BUT of course I took too long to decide and they were sold out :-(  And then the shoe fairy paid me a visit!  A version of the shoe, that looked suspiciously like Sheena, appeared on JustFab as a featured shoe for the month of July.  The shoe was available in blush (check!), it was priced at $39.99 (check!), I haven't made a purchase from JustFab since I signed up months ago so I could get 20% off my first purchase (check! check! check!!!) I am happy, and a little ashamed, to announce that I have become a member of the Just Fabulous shoe club.  (Like I need any more shoe sources!!!)

I am the proud owner of Makeeda, a Christian Louboutin Clou Noeud look-alike, and what I suspect is actually the Sheena shoe but rebranded as a JustFab shoe.

This shoe is kind of a chameleon, the color changes slightly with whatever background I photograph it against.  The true color of the blush Makeeda is actually a pale pink.  She is the same color as my bed sheets:

The shoes arrived on Saturday, July 2nd.  I ordered them on June 28th and my order was shipped on June 29th!  So JF gets a 10 for speediness!  Of course I was gone this holiday weekend so I did not get to see my babies until last night!  The quality of Makeeda is pretty nice!  There are some spots where I could tell the leatherette is starting to wear already but for the price I can excuse that.  I can always fix the problem areas with a tiny dab of glue.  The leatherette is much nicer than I expected.  On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best), I would say the leatherette quality is a 7.5 (the best faux leather shoes I have ever purchased are my Nika pumps by Rock & Republic, if I were blinded I would not be able to tell by touch alone that it was faux leather).  The shoe fits true to size for me, and the slingback actually stays on when I walk!  I have a lot of qualms with slingback shoes because it always seems like no matter how hard I try, the sling does not want to sling!  The slingback on the Makeeda is enforced with elastic so it can adjust to many ankle sizes.  Hopefully the elastic will not stretch too much over time.

Makeeda, however, has little arch support.  You can tell in the side profile that the arch area is just straight, there's no curvature whatsoever, not even from the padding.  My initial impression is that Makeeda is not meant for walking for more than 10 mins at a time.

Also, it looks like the insole/padding is not very securely attached to the shoe even though it looks stitched on:

Again, this can easily be remedied with some super glue.

I will be keeping Makeeda, mostly because I have had an eye on the shoe for a while now.  Also, I know of nowhere else I can find the shoe in the same shade of pink/blush.  Overall, my experience with purchasing my first shoe from JustFab was good.  I will likely purchase more shoes if it happens again that they have a shoe I have been stalking.

So here's the pros & cons of Makeeda:

- Gorgeous & sexy shoe!
- Nice quality leatherette
- Secure slingback

- Seems to have little arch support
- Some blemishes (but not very noticeable) on the leatherette
- Insole is peeling (but can be easily fixed with some super glue)

If you would like to get Makeeda for yourself, and are not a member of JustFab just yet, you may sign up using my invite link here.  Makeeda is also available in black, blue, and red.

If you like the style of Makeeda but would like a leather option, I also found this look-alike from N.Y.L.A called Genevieve for $105 from Amazon (also available from Nordstrom).  Genevieve is available in black, nude, and red patent leather:

*faints* I will be watching the price of Genevieve because I want her in red!

If $105 is too pricey for you, a black leather version of this style if also available from Fredericks of Hollywood (here) for $79.99, AND if you order it by July 10, you get an additional 40% off (now who's your favorite Shoe Doctor?):

I hope you enjoyed reading about my initial impressions of Makeeda!


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