Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Results: CL Clou Noeud Obsession satisfied!

So, instead of my usual Tuesday Shoesday post (partly because I didn't wear any pretty shoes today, the result of hot and humid weather), instead, I am posting the addition of some new shoes in my collection. I am proud to say that I have finally satisfied my CL Clou Noeud obession!  Barring getting the actual shoes, of course ;-)

I got the CL look-alikes from Frederick's of Hollywood, which were on clearance + an additional 40% off last week - I just couldn't resist a good deal!  Not gonna lie, I was worried about getting shoes from Frederick's.  It's one of those stores that I pass at the mall, look in because of curiosity and then feel like I gotta leave before I'm spotted by someone I know around the raunchy clothing.  However, if the shoes are as nice as these ones I just got, I think I will risk it next time!

These shoes are made of real leather and are currently on sale for $79.99 (get'em here).  They fit TTS.  The slingback is a bit loose on me so I will be reinforcing it with some more elastic before wearing them out.  The shoes did smell a little funny straight out of the box, but I let them air out for a day+ and they are bearable now.

Compared to the Makeeda from JustFab, the Frederick's pair has bigger studs, the studs are darker in color, and the bow on the vamp is rectangular while Makeeda has a cutout bow.

The cut-out bow is more like the original CL shoe, but the quality of the Frederick's pair definitely supercedes Makeeda.  The leather is thicker, more durable, and buttery soft (not that stiff leather that takes forever to break in).

You may also remember that I was lusting over the N.Y.L.A. Genevieve pumps too.  At $105 it was too pricey for me...but with the Endless fall sale + some gift certificates, I was able to get them for about 1/2 price!!!  I got them in red:

Of the 3 pairs, Genevieve is definitely the most superior in quality!  They are a perfect fit for me, no slingback problems.  The style of Genevieve is most like the Frederick's pair.  They both have a round heel while Makeeda has the traditional heel (with one flatten side).

So, in terms of which shoe looks most like the CL Clou Noeud, Makeeda wins hands down.  The Frederick's pair and Genevieve are of much better quality than Makeeda but that is expected with the different materials (man-made vs leather).  For me, Genevieve seems to be the most comfortable of the three.

My collection is now complete, and my obsession is over.  Thank goodness!

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