Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's (Belated) Shoesday!

Last Tuesday Shoesday I was at a conference - where I just grabbed my Teva Ola flipflops, hoping that no one would notice my casual footwear underneath my long wide-leg was 7am in the morning - that's my excuse.  Yesterday, I spent half of it in the car riding back to Ann Arbor from Chicago, so it was yet another Teva day.  Yes, I know, I have not been a good shoe lover! :-p

So here is my belated Shoesday post to show y'all that I still love my high heels!  These sandals are by Bandolino, I got them from DSW in April but have not had the chance to wear them (and I kind of forgot that I had them) until today.  They're very comfortable and I love the green and turquoise straps.

Today's shoes are not too high, but see that!  There is a heel!  LOL, if you look closely, you can see my foot tan from my Tevas!

What shoes are YOU currently wearing???

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