Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday's 5 under $50

I solely believe that a woman does not have to sacrifice quality for price.  I cannot think of any shoe I own that I got for the full manufacture suggested price.  With this philosophy in mind, I have decided to start a new feature on the blog: Every Friday, I will post 5 amazing shoes I love that are priced $50 or less.

I've suggested these guidelines for myself:
(1)  The shoe must be available in at least 5 sizes.
(2)  The $50 price tag can be after applicable current sales and discounts.
(3)  No shoe club or sample sale site shoes allowed.
(4) The shoes cannot all be from the same store.

If there are anymore "rules" you would like me to follow, feel free to leave a comment!

5 amazing shoes under $50
(1) The elegant and understated pump, Quircky by Nine West, $34 at Nine West:

(2)  The versatile Lucy ballerina flat, $34.48 from (available in monochrome, pink, green, and more):

(3)  The chunky statement wedge, Wissper by Steve Madden, $49.99 from Piperlime:

(4)  The YSL-ish black pump, Theresa by Wild Pair, $49.99 from Baker's Shoes

(5)  The bright peep-toe pump, Croner by Aldo, $49.98 in blue and yellow from Aldo Shoes:

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