Sunday, June 5, 2011

Review: My first purchase from BaubleBar

I am a very girly girl.  I like shoes, makeup, clothes, and jewelry.  I like shoes the most, of course.  (I like other things too, I'm not solely materialistic.)  Today, I will be focusing on my love of jewelry with a review of my first purchase from BaubleBar.  BaubleBar is a members-only online jewelry store that sells jewelry directly from designers.

this card was included in my package from BaubleBar 

You can find out more about BaubleBar here.  BaubleBar is not a jewelry club, i.e. you won't get charged every month nor will you receive personal jewelry selections.  BaubleBar requires membership because they offer loyalty rewards.  You receive 1 credit for every purchase and 1 credit for every friend you refer who purchases.  If you are interested in BaubleBar, you may click here to sign up using my invite link.  Once you receive 5 or 10 credits, you can redeem the credits for items in the 'vault.'  I believe the vault selection changes every week (maybe biweekly, I haven't been keeping track too closely).  Shipping is free for orders $30+ and a pre-paid return label is included with all paid orders (returns accepted within 30 days from ship date) .  Best of all, you receive a free gift just for signing up! (just pay for shipping, for a limited time only)  BaubleBar jewelry prices range from $18 to $240.

On my first order, I chose the studded tan leatherette wrap as my free gift:

I've worn the bracelet several times now.  It's a nice accessory for casual outfits.  It's very sturdy and not stiff at all for being leatherette.  FYI, my wrist size is on the small side, and there isn't much room left for the bracelet to move about.

When it's unwrapped, it's long enough to be used as a choker necklace:

The other free gift option was a pair of black diamond hermatite earrings: (btw, I do not know if the free gift promotion is still going on)

My order came with a hand-written note from the co-founders: 

I thought the note was a nice personal touch.

Every piece of jewelry (including my free bracelet) comes with a black velour bag, embossed with the BaubleBar logo:

The piece that I actually paid for was the peacock cuff ($36.00), a piece from their 'Emerald City' trend collection.  The cuff is sold out now, so I'm lucky I was able to snag one :-D  It's back in stock!  Get it!

Unfortunately, I think I may return it (which is why the tag is still on in my photos) - I haven't quite decided yet.  There is no clasp on the cuff, so it may be a little too easy for me to lose it.

The reason why I haven't decided whether or not to return it yet is because it's so darn pretty!  It is definitely a 'statement' piece.  The other thing I don't like about the cuff is that the metal makes my hands smell like coins (do you know what I mean?), but that is easily remedied by coating the metal with some clear nail polish.  Other than that, the cuff seems to be very sturdy and well made.  I really like the peacock shape.  If there was a clasp on the cuff, I would absolutely keep it.  What do you think?  Please help me decide!  I have about 2 weeks left before my return deadline.

Overall, I really like BableBar's selection.  The price is a bit more than I would pay for jewelry, but I can justify a higher price if the quality is good and the style of the piece is really unique.  I will definitely order from them again, but my main jewelry supplier will still be Forever 21/ Love 21 (can't beat their prices!).


p.s. one thing I learned while doing this review is that taking a photo of your own hand while holding a heavy SLR camera in the other hand is really difficult to do!

UPDATE: The free gift promotion is over :-(    However, when one door closes, another opens: BaubleBar, in conjunction with Refinery29, is giving away $500 worth of jewelry!  You can enter to win here.  You must be a BaubleBar member to enter, be sure to join using my invite link (click here) prior to joining ;-)

UPDATE 2:  For a limited time, get 3 FREE credits when you sign up for BaubleBar.  You only need 5 to get an item from the vault, you'll be more than halfway there already!  You can sign up for BaubleBar here.

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