Thursday, June 16, 2011

Research notes: Hello, stud!

I love the Louboutins Clou Noeud pumps that these celebs were sporting last year:

Here they are in black: 
Christian Louboutin 

These Louboutins have become somewhat of a unicorn (i.e. impossible to find), not to mention that the price tag means I can only dream, sigh!

Fortunately, I can also pretend with these very close copies, Sheena by Priviledge, available here from for a mere $55 (compared to $1,195!!!): 

Privileged Sheena Black Spiked Peep Toe Pumps
Privileged Sheena Blush Pink Spiked Peep Toe Pumps

What do you think?  Would these CL doppelgangers fool you?

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