Friday, June 3, 2011

Footnote: My shoe wishlist --> Pink glitter pumps!

I've had a hankering for glitter for several months now.  It seems glitter shoes are becoming in style.  My latest craving is for pink glitter pumps.  Especially the Betsey Johnson Iridescence pumps:

Unfortunately, they are $124.22 in my size at Amazon.  They're also available in the traditional black, gold, and silver colors - also glitterized.

HOWEVER, these pink glitter pumps from Miss Me also look like they would also fill the pink glitter hole in my heart.  They are $23.60 from here (btw, I have a tip that this shoe runs 1/2 size small) and are also available in gold, multi, silver, orange, copper, bronze - again, all glitterized.

Unlike the failed Mariah Carey movie, glitter shoes are very exciting  :-D

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