Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Results: May shoe haul, part 2

This is going to be a quick post because I am swamped with computational-biology-related work, and as much as I love procrastinating by blogging about shoes, I also gotta put the bread on the table in order to get the pretty pretty shoes on my feet.

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Ok, back to topic.

I told you that I had a bit of a shoexplosion this month.  I did not exaggerate, I really did.  It may be time for yet another shoe purge...

First, is the Remini bootie by Calvin Klein.  I scored these babies off of Ebay.  You may remember that I was lusting after her sister silver version a while back.  Remini retails at $128, and I got her for $50.  The seller accidentally sent me the wrong size (1/2 size smaller than my usual, right box, wrong shoe), but with the help of Leather CPR, I was able to stretch them a 1/2 size larger, and now they actually fit me better than the pair I tried on in store that was in my usual size.

Next is Erica by Jessica Simpson, which I found on clearance at DSW (it's now on clearance on DSW online as well, in olive green only).  After my taste of Lily in denim from Sole Society, I got a bit of denim fever.

Up next is Richesse by Nine West (also clearance from DSW; yes the DSW clearance aisle is one of my favorite places in the world...).  I've gotten a lot of use out of these, soon the cost per wear will be down to almost nothing.

One of my new favorite shoe is Jane by Levity (sidenote: wouldn't 'Levity Jane' make a great band name?  It's up for grabs!).  Jane sports a 5" heel/wedge hybrid and is super comfy!  Plus, the ankle lace adjusts to fit just about anyone's ankles (such a great idea, right?).

And, finally, I saved the best for last: Laurie from Kelsi by Kelsi Dagger (KD is one of my all time favorite brands). 

ooh!  Look at that extra padding in the forefoot!

Oh!  She's soooo beautiful it makes me feel faint.  This shoe requires much discussion.  Laurie is identical to Linzy by Kelsi Dagger, with the exception of the name on the label.  I've tried both of them on and by golly whiz I cannot tell the difference.  Here's Linzy:

Can you tell the difference?  Pour La Victoire, the brand from which Kelsi Dagger was derived, also makes a very similar shoe called, Irina.  Here's Irina in red patent:

The colors may be different shades, but Linzy, Laurie, and Irina all have a very similar (if not identical) silhouette. Irina has wood detailing on the sole.  Linzy and Laurie both run 1/2 size large, Irina is TTS.  And the differences stop there, as far as I can observe.  

All 3 shoes sport the 2-seam toe design that is on the Sole Society Dash shoes (in fact, I'm sure Dash is a copy of the nude & black versions of Irina/Linzy/Laurie).

Both have the hidden platform.  The heel is a bit different.  Dash has a square heel plug and is more angular. Laurie (pictured) has the traditional heel plug and is a straight heel, which gives it an expensive high-street look (without paying the high street price).  Laurie is patent leather (so is Irina and Linzy) and Dash is faux patent (though if you didn't tell me, I wouldn't have guessed it).

Both are great shoes.  I would probably get more wear out of Dash, but Laurie is the kind of shoe that you wear and just immediately feel special.

Here are all 4 shoes together, top row: Irina (sand soft patent, $153.90 - $249.79 @Amazon), Linzy (sand, $64.54 - $129.99 @Amazon), bottom row: Laurie (beige, $89.95 @DSW), Dash (lunar grey, $49.95 @Sole Society, $59.95 @DSW)



That is my May shoe haul, whew!  What's the verdict?  Do I have a shoe problem?  


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