Sunday, May 22, 2011

Results: May shoe haul, part 1

I had a bit of a shoexplosion this month...and it's not even over yet!  I definitely have a problem.  

Here are my new shoes thus far this month...

From Sole Society...
- Dally in black:  VERY comfortable, the heel is only 3.5" tall and the design of the shoe makes it very easy to keep it on and walk fast at the same time.  I got the black pair, I think it's more of a charcoal gray.  The leather is very nice, it has a pebble texture.  I am usually a 7.5M but I got these in 8M because my right foot is slightly bigger than my left foot, and I didn't want the buckles to dig into my skin.  I'm very glad I went up a half size, the fit is perfect, a little loose but not enough that they would fall off my feet.  If you have wide feet or just like a little more wiggle room, I recommend going up half size.  An FYI: the buckles on the side of the shoe are adjustable, they can be made 1/4" looser.  You can find Dally here.

For reference, here's what they looked like in my normal 7.5M size:

Not much different, but my big right foot is definitely happier with the larger size.

- Mochie in wheat: I also got these a half-size larger after hearing that the strap across the toes is tight and can dig into your skin.  The fit is excellent but I may have to make another hole in the strap for the buckle (the price I pay for going up a half size).  There are only 3 holes!  Other than that, they are beautiful!  You can't really tell in the picture, but there is gold woven into the straps over the toes.  I haven't worn these out yet, but they seem to be very comfortable and stable.  These are going to be a great summer shoe.  The color goes with everything and the comfort level increases their shoe-appeal.  You can find Mochie here.

- Beverly in gold: This was a total impulse buy.  I absolutely love her.  There's lots of padding in the ball-of-foot area.  I went up 1/2 size as advised on the product page and the fit is absolutely perfect!  I love that there is a stretchy cotton attachment on the straps, which is a life-saver on slingbacks.  You can buy Beverly here.

- Accent in chili:  This is one shoe that I have been lusting after since I saw her in a SS preview video in March.  Unfortunately, in addition to sizing issues, I also had quality issues with this shoe.  The first pair I ordered in my true size, they were long enough in length but much too narrow in width.  As for quality, the soles of the shoes were very lumpy, like it was glued on in a hurry and the machine or person left large blobs of glue on the unfinished shoe before adding the sole and the platform looks like it was made for a larger size or cut incorrectly.  You can see the lumpiness in the pic below (I turned up the contrast so that you can see the texture of the sole):

Luckily, SS has a wonderful return policy (free return shipping!), so I just returned them and ordered a new pair in a 1/2 size larger.

I wasn't very happy with my new pair either.  The larger size was definitely a good idea, the shoe is very comfortable and looks great on:

However, I could see glue showing on every seam.  Accent comes in four colors: black, fawn (a nude color with wood-like pattern), rose dust (a pinkish nude color), and chili (via this link). On the fawn and rose dust versions, the glue would probably not have been as noticeable, but I ordered a darker color.
Though this pair was not as lumpy in the sole, the left shoe's platform still seem either cut funny or misaligned to me:

I have reported the issue to Sole Society's member care, so hopefully the Accent is screened better in the future.  I haven't ordered another replacement yet (waiting for the return to be processed).  I am deciding on whether or not I want to give Accent one more try.  At this point, I don't have much hope for a blemish-free pair, which is unfortunate because the Accent was the only shoe I really really wanted from SS this month.

Barring my issues with Accent, I still love Sole Society and believe they offer a great bargain.  All Sole Society shoes are designed by Marco Santi - a brand exclusive to SS.  Every shoe is $49.99, which includes free shipping and return shipping.  They quality of the SS shoes is beyond what I expect for $50.  If you haven't checked out Sole Society yet, you may join using my invite link:  You can also read my other SS posts here.  *** I wonder what shoes will be available for June...***

These next two pairs are NOT from Sole Society BUT are SS shoes with a different designer label:

From DSW:
- Kerries in clay/nude by BCBG Paris:  I found these on clearance at DSW, 40% off, which made them about the same price as if I had gotten them from SS instead (see how great of a deal SS is?).  Now, I am not a big peep-toe bootie lover.  In fact, when they first came into style, I hated them.  I believed a boot is just not meant to be a shoe.  I still believe this, but the Kerries may be an exception...I have not quite decided how I feel about them.  I was compelled to buy these because of all the Kerries pictures that were posted on the SS facebook fan page.  Kerries is TTS, and very comfortable (a reason for keeping them, right?)

Hmmmm, what are your thoughts on the Kerries?  The Kerries are still available in black from SS via this link.  The nude ones are sold out, sorry!  But if I decide I don't want these, I will definitely be selling them.

- Dash in nude by Jessica Simpson:  These were not originally on my SS May wish list, but I was convinced by the post by Shoes and Jules that I needed them.  ASAP.  Unfortunately, they were sold out in my size on the SS website BUT fast forward 1 week later...I found them at DSW on CLEARANCE.  So, I actually got them for less than I would have paid at SS (otherwise they would have cost more).

Dash is absolutely gorgeous!  Though Dash is faux patent, I find them to be very comfortable and not stiff at all (usually my experience with faux patent).  Dash is also available in black, you can get them here, from Sole Society, or here from DSW.  Dash is TTS and fairly comfortable because of the extra cushioning in the forefoot area.  Dash reminds me of a much pricier designer shoe, Irina by Pour La Victoire.  They both have the 2 seam toe design.

So, that's part of my May shoe haul, I will be following up with part 2 soon.  Yes, my name is the Shoe Doctor and I'm a shoe-aholic.

p.s. be sure to check out the rest of my blog, I am currently holding a drawing for a very special prize!

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