Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Results: Lily platform sandals

When it's gray and dreary outside, there is nothing like cute footwear to boost my mood.  Today, the mood boost is brought to you (i.e. me) by the denim Lily platform sandals by Marco Santi (from Sole Society).  Coincidentally, it's also SS's featured shoe today.  (They are selling quick!  They're also available in cognac leather.)
As far as heels go, these are pretty steep at 5".  The 1.5" platform helps loads.  I wore these on the day I presented my research poster in Athens, OH with wide-leg gray khakis and the same black shirt shown below.   I wore Lily for 9 hours!  Much walking and much carrying of heavy bags too.  My only wish is that she had more cushioning in the front, underneath the balls of your feet.  Standing for a long period of time is a bit of a challenge.  But I love her nonetheless!  I can attest that denim shoes can be worn as office shoes.  Lily is a perfect accessory: she can be worn casually, business casually, and is easy to dress up for a night out.

I received Lily last month but have not blogged about her until now because it took a while for me to get a satisfactory pair.  My first denim pair had a quarter-size glue spot on the toe strap on one shoe.  The second pair worked out OK.  I loved the denim pair so much that I went ahead and ordered the cognac leather ones as well, unfortunately the two pair was different shades of brown (not too noticeable) and the leather was frayed and peeling in some place, which is what finally pushed me to return them.  I know, I know, I am very picky about the quality of my new shoes.  My rule is don't keep shoes unless I am satisfied, otherwise I know I will obsess about the imperfections and that would turn me off from wearing them.  Unfortunately, the cognac Lily was out of stock in my size when I received my return credit, so I used it on something else instead.


No, you are not seeing things.  That is Lily in black leather!!!  I found her the other day in the clearance section at Marshall's, last one in my size!  Definitely meant to be, n'est pas?  She fills the hole that the cognac leather Lily left :-D  I wore my denim Lily with a black mock-neck turtleneck shirt and my trusty gray skinny cords (both from JCPenney, I am always surprise at what I find there).  My clothes matched the sad non-spring scenery outside my window.  Lily retails in stores for ~$80, I got the denim pair for $40 from Sole Society!  EXCELLENT deal.  If you haven't joined Sole Society yet, please feel free to use my invite link to sign up:  Despite having to do a return tango with Lily, I am very satisfied with all my shoes from SS.  You can read more about all my SS purchases by clicking on my 'Sole Society Posts' page listed on the left sidebar of this blog.

Perhaps if we all channel our mental powers together, we can make spring arrive.  Here's hoping for some long periods of sun soon!


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