Thursday, April 21, 2011

Project Presentation: Sunshine-y Day!

Today I had to present my final project for my bioinformatics programming class (our project title was "Querying and Visualizing the KEGG Metabolic Database", oh yeah, I'm a science ne-erd), so I decided to dress for success!  Also, I was inspire by the promise of sun (I was just about to give up hope after a long and dreary week of snow (!!!) and rain).

These are my yelllow Seychelles woodpecker heels, 3.5" heel, slightly elasticized for a really good fit, and SUPER comfortable.  Seychelles is my favorite shoe brand -- always comfortable, unique, excellent quality without breaking the bank. (I think I got these for around $50, down from $90.  I'm pretty sure I own about 8 pairs of Seychelles shoes...perhaps I will do a Seychelles feature one of these days.)  I wore them with a tank I got from NY and Company, Betsey Johnson necklace, sweater from Target (Mossimo brand, I think?), and my favorite 'fake' jean leggings, which are from Forever 21:

Normally, I go with the 'leggings are not pants' rule, but these have functional pockets AND a zipper, which = pants, right?  Everything I was wearing (except for the F21 leggings) I got on sale with major discounts, which always makes me happy and more appreciative of the money I spend.

Unfortunately, I have another concurrent project I am working on so I barely saw the sun today.  So depressing.  Throughout the day whenever I wanted to go outside and bask in the sun, I knew I couldn't so I would just looked down at my shirt.  Sadly, my shirt was bright enough to slightly burn my eyeballs.  Did I tell you that I haven't seen the sun in a looooong time?  Such is the life of the grad student.

To reward myself for such a successful day (project-wise), when I got home, I had some frozen lemonade:


until we meet again,

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