Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hi all,
My name is Chee Lee, and I am a phD student studying bioinformatics.  I am not a doctor yet, but one day (fingers crossed), I hope to get those lovely 3 letters attached to the end of my name.  But more about that at another time...

I am starting this blog because (a) I love shoes, it's up there on my 'most loved' list along with cheese, ice cream, buffy the vampire slayer, the boyfriend, and sleeping.  (b) I have a lot of shoes...more than I care to admit.  Let's just say I have enough pairs of shoes that I can't count them all... and (c) because I have so many pretty shoes (IMO), I feel like none of them quite get the attention and appreciation that they deserve (look at that, I'm talking as if my shoes have will soon learn that I am crazy, but, again, more about that at another time).

I also love to shop...which goes really well with my shoe addiction.  I love the thrill of a deal.  I feel all giddy and like I just robbed a bank when I find things for &@#! percent off.  I love bargain hunting, so if there is something that you're looking for (shoes or whatever) and you don't want to do the bargain hunting part, let me know.  The doctor is always in.  (Hmmm, loves to shop and loves shoes...I sound kinda shallow...I'm not!  I swear!)

I know that there are a LOT of shoe/clothes/shopping blogs out there, so I plan on throwing in some twists and turns to keep you hooked!  Or, at least I will try my best :-D That's all for now!

hugs & kisses,

here's a pic of me and my favorite canine friend (courtesy of LS, the bf -- for the dog & the pic)


  1. Yay for shoe loving science nerds! and your doggie is adorable!

  2. yeah, who says nerds can't be fashionable as well?

    The dog's name is Roxy, and she just had a bath right before the pic was taken.

  3. Nice blog, Chee. Purvi forwarded this link to me. I am too into shoes, but not so much. But your blog is pretty to look at !


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