Monday, April 25, 2011

Figures: Deals I scored this weekend

My fashionista self was very happy this weekend!

Figure 1. Betsey Johnson watch for $15, originally $95

Figure 2. BCBGeneration White Mercury Sandals for $20, originally $110.

Project Catwalk Dress
Figure 3. Modcloth Project Catwalk Dress for $29.99, originally $59.99.

Figure 4.  Thread social liddy dress for $69, originally $305, from Gilt's Gossip Girl Style Sale: Blair.


  1. Great blog, I'm loving the BJ watch... Wow, where'd you get it for only $15?

  2. I got it from RueLala (you can join via my invite link if you like: Every Sunday night they have a 'Style-athon' sale where things are dirt cheap and few in inventory. I snagged the watch just in time! The watch was my first RueLala purchase, and it just got shipped today! I misplace my cellphone a lot and rely on it too much to tell me the time, so I figure this was a good buy: essential & cheap.


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