Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Abstract: I have stalked them, lust after them, and finally, they are mine!

I first met the boutique 9 daraye pumps on Shoeperwoman's blog.  And since then, I have stalked them, lust after them, and patiently waited for them to go on sale...somewhere, anywhere.  FINALLY, they went on sale on Amazon, down from $170 to $127.50 -- which was still too pricey for I waited once more.  Then they had a 20% off sale! (I think it's still going on!  Check it out.)  Which brought them down to $102, still a lot ... but not as  much if you had a $25 gift certificate!  So, I splurged...and in the picture, you can see that I splurged twice actually...or thrice depending on if you count kalypso as a splurge... ok, fine, 3X splurge.

I think I have finally embraced the fact that neutrals are in for spring...

Thank goodness for tax returns :-D

No more new shoes for Chee for a while.

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